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What is The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines?

《藥林寶典》是與百潮綠能科技有限公司合作的醫師,將其多年的臨床經驗,匯集整理而成。 《藥林寶典》的編排格式是依人體結構,依序從頭部、五官、胸部、腹部到下肢。 

The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines is Baichao Greenergy Tech Co., LTD with cooperation of physicians who have combined clinical experience. The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines’ format is categorized according to the human body, in the following order: the head, five facial senses, chest, abdomen and the lower limbs.

1. 頭痛 → 會造成頭痛的原因有很多,如感冒、鼻子過敏、中暑、腦瘤、青光眼...等等,藥林的編排會儘可能將它們放在一起。因此,當我們有頭痛的症狀時,先查閱和分辨導致自己頭痛的可能原因,然後再依照藥林寶典的建議選擇相關的藥方。 如因感冒而頭痛用頭痛方,因青光眼而頭痛就用降眼壓方。

2. 腹脹 → 會造成腹脹的原因,可能有:便秘、腹瀉、食積、胃潰瘍、肝炎等。如食積腹脹,可用腹脹方一號,腸炎腹脹,可用腹痛方。

For example:
1. Headache → There are many causes of headaches, such as colds, nose allergies, heat stroke, brain tumors, glaucoma, etc. and The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines will combine them together as much as possible. Therefore, when we have symptoms of a headache, first consult and identify the possible causes of the headache, and then select the relevant prescription according to the recommendations of The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines.
If you have a headache because of a cold, use the Toutongfang, and if you have a headache because of glaucoma, use the Jiangyanyafang.

2. Abdominal distension → There are many causes of abdominal distension which may include constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers, enteritis, hepatitis, etc.
If you have abdominal distension because of indigestion, you can use the Fuzhangfang No.1, if you have an enteritis abdominal distension, you can use the Futongfang. 


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